Peryourhealth Bill Pay Online Easily

Peryourhealth – Who wants to go out and stand in line for hours just to pay their medical bills? Gone are the days, when people used to go the medical centers with a user ID and after hours, they would clear their bills. Everyone wants a service which is fast, easy and can be done from anywhere. Such options are available in Online services. It is a feasible and flexible way to pay bills. There are many such platforms which provide online billing kind of facilities. Out of those, peryourhealth is one such platform which makes payment and billing process very simple and efficient. Because of this user get satisfied and no technical issue is faced.




The officially registered website of the company is The online platform is being trusted by many users as this company has got many noted and famous health cares and hospitals across the country. For paying your bills, you would have to visit, where you will have to go to the homepage. There you get to login into your health account. Following steps should be followed:

  1. Provide your account number* or User ID**.
  2. Enter the Password.
  3. Press the Submit button.
  4. You will be redirected to the Dashboard where you can access your health account.

*The account number will be on the statement of patient which was received during admission in the hospital or healthcare.

**User ID is the ID one you created at the time of registration for this online service.

Peryourhealth Account Access Issue:

If due to some reasons, you are unable to access your health account, then don’t panic as we have got a solution for that also. Just follow the below steps to recover your account:

  1. Under Continue button, click on the hyperlink “Forget User ID” and you will be redirected to a new page.
  2. Please provide your account number and click continue.
  3. If the account number is already registered, you will get an email on your registered address, in which you will find the User ID.

Please make sure your registered email address is active and use your account number along with the access key as mentioned on your billing statement to login in case if you have not registered for the User ID.

Peryourhealth New User Registration: login can be done in easy steps for the new users. For that you will need few things:

  • Active email address
  • Active mobile number
  • Registered User ID (as mentioned on the patient statement or through previous invoice)

Then enter your User ID and click continue button to initiate the registration process. Then you will be asked to enter your mobile number and email address. Please provide the valid information as these will be used as a recovery option in case you forget your User Id.

Peryourhealth Payment Procedure:

At pay bill, one can do the payment thing. Peryourhealth registered users gets different benefits for the payment service, which is as mentioned:

  • The payment process is very easy and secure.
  • All outstanding bill can be paid at a single click.
  • The service is accessible from anywhere around the world.
  • After login, you can look at your bills, due amount and can download the previous statements.
  • The service is available for 24 X 7.
  • You can receive notifications, on your choice. It will remind you of all the outstanding bills.
  • This online service is user-friendly and is reliable, fast and secure.

  Useful Information:

Some important links and contacts, which user should have as it is very helpful:

1.Official website:

2.To recover the lost User ID:


3.For any issues, please feel free to contact on-

612-672-6724 or 1-888-702-4073 to get your issues resolved.